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          Please pre-sort your items. Due to COVID-19 Clothing must be freshly washed. To minimize the risk of virus transmission if items are dirty or not washed, all items will be at once given back. We are currently looking for comfortable clothes (nothing to fancy), clean shoes (liner and out soles clean), wood toys, Waldorf inspired toys and learning toys. You can bring in 25 items of clothing (shoes/toys) for consignment consideration. Please have zippers, snaps and buttons fastened. Clothing offered with rips, stains, pet hair, pills, snags, buttons missing, or in need of cleaning will not be accepted. All toys must be complete and in working order, please put in fresh batteries. Toys offered broken or with pieces missing will not be accepted. Occasionally we may miss flaws, these items will be donated. We may not accept all items offered; it is not personal it is just business. 

          We offer a 90-day (about 3 months) consignment period. We only take seasonal items, and what we believe will sell within the 90-day (about 3 months) period. You will have one week after your 90-day (about 3 months) consignment period to pick up any unsold items or they will be donated to a local non-profit. Please show below if you would like to pick up unsold items. If you do not choose to pick up your unsold items will be donated to a local non-profit. Due to COVID-19 Please consider donating any unsold items.  
          We set the prices based on past sales and current demand from our customers. We strive to assign fair prices for both our customers and consignors. Once items sell, we offer consignors 40% of the retail sale cost on all items sold for in-store credit on consignment items and 30% for a check. In Store Credit does not apply to New items, we can apply your 30% credit towards New item purchases. You have 6 months after the sale of an item to pick up a check. After 6 months all money will then become store credit. Store credit is good for 2 years. 

        Flower Child reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time. The amendment will be updated through e-mail and website. 

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