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How we started 
We grew up in Holland Michigan...Land of Tulips, wooden shoes and Dutch culture.  As sisters in a family of four children we were taught, at a very young age, to have a strong work ethic and to be thrifty with our money.  Our Mom has a great sense of fashion and would take us shopping at our local thrift stores, and we would always find great treasures. As moms ourselves we continued the search for consignment and thrift stores for our children but were limited on options. So we took our love of treasure, years of extensive retail/merchandising experience, and a business degree and merged our talents.  What began as a small out of the way consignment store (Kid'z Swap) turned into a local gem.  Fast Forward through fires and a Pandemic and we survived.


Now it's time to take our dream back home to take care our Mom. Flower Child will be closing it's Petaluma doors at the end of 2021. Please stop in to say fare well and see what treasures we are not taking with us. A big Thank You to our Petaluma community and beyond for 8 wonderful years of serving our community. Nothing left to do but Smile, Smile , Smile! 


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